The 5 Powerful Shifts to Quit Attracting the Wrong Men + (finally) Summon Your Soulmate

(without settling, compromising or lowering your standards)

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In This Masterclass You Will Discover. . .

  • The step-by-step game plan that allows our clients free themselves from old, unhealthy patterns to being in a healthy, conscious growing relationship with a real partner.
  • How to get future-focused + stop dating from your inner child. You’ve done enough therapy + self-help to last a lifetime. We’ll create an actionable plan to meet The One.
  • Why “it’ll just happen” is the #1 Dating Myth. It’s time to take the same get-it-done spirit you have in your career and apply it to your dating life.
  • What you MIGHT be accidentally doing to attract wrong partners who mirror your fears and (instead invite in real partners who can really see you.)
  • Tools to make dating FUN and INSPIRED again! Cut through the dating “noise,” heal from past relationship trauma, and create a foundation for a real, loving, lifetime relationship.

Most importantly, you’ll walk away with a deep + healthy love for yourself, experience deeper connections with friends and family, and step into a space of true purpose and confidence. 

You CAN learn the art of attracting true love, but first, we have to get you UNSTUCK! 

Presented by Bari Lyman

Bari Lyman is the founder of Meet to Marry™, a transformational dating method that has helped thousands of singles get unstuck in love, permanently break free from unconscious dating & relationship patterns, and summon their soulmate. 

Featured in, JDate, & SELF. Stephen Covey praised it as “smart, principled, and engaging.

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